• I am not an escort and do not provide sexual services.Please do not ask
  • My privacy is important to me, and I promise to respect yours as well. I am not a fan of having our time together blasted all over the internet. If you absolutely HAVE to post a review online, please contact me prior to posting a review. I ask this because some information that may not seem important or sensitive to you may be something that compromises my privacy. This also includes "exaggerations" that some reviewers include, which can compromise expectations for others reading the review.
  • I do not tolerate nor talk about anything explicit or sexual in nature. If you break this important rule, I will terminate our conversation or date.
  • I have a screening protocol for gentlemen I am seeing for the first time. Please understand that this is for my safety, protection and comfort-level. Any information you provide me will be kept strictly confidential.¬†
  • Please hand me the donation before we get started, having to ask for it ruins the mood!
  • I will ask to check your ID when we meet and it must match the name you provide me
  • I am not looking for a boyfriend and I do not see clients outside of business so please do not make this request. I would be glad to meet for drinks, dinner or a night out, ¬†however my usual donations apply.
  • Please be respectful to me and my time. If we go over the time we initially scheduled for, I expect to receive an additional donation. If you are looking for an unrushed" visit, I suggest you book a longer appointment